Tefillah – Prayer

Tefillah – Prayer

Dear Parents,

Junior Congregation meets every Shabbat morning from 10:30 to 12 noon.

I am excited to work with you and your children as they continue to grow in prayer fluency and explore the spirit and meaning of Jewish prayer and Torah as part of the CRS Tefillah program and the NSS Beth El Junior Congregation/Family Service. From an early age, our children learn prayer basics, gratitude toward G-d, and an appreciation of the holiday cycle and through song and liturgy. 

Beginning in Alef (1st grade), students are introduced to Shabbat morning prayers they will use in Junior Congregation and throughout their lives. In Bet (2nd grade), our students prepare to lead a Kabbalat Shabbat service as well as continue to explore Shabbat morning prayers. From Gimmel (3rd grade) through Vav (6th grade), students will learn Shabbat morning prayers ranging from Shema, V’Ahavta, Ashrei, Shir Hakavod to the Torah Service. Each grade will lead a Shabbat morning service in Junior Congregation. 

Our weekly tefillah sessions during CRS, provide an opportunity to reinforce and build confidence in our students’ davening skills. In Hey (5th grade) students will get an introduction to the system of cantillation (trope), which they can apply to their Torah readings during the year, and the Vav (6th grade) curriculum will focus on B’nai Mitzvah skills, including Haftarah tropes and blessings so they are well prepared for their one-on-one training that will carry them to the bimah for their B’nai Mitzvah. 

I so look forward to continuing to working with all the students!

Hazzan Jenna Greenberg
Ritual Director and Tefillah Educator