Team Torah

Team Torah

Let’s do something no shul has ever done before. Our audaciously ambitious goal is for 100 members of the Beth El family to read from the Torah during the coming Jewish year.

“Everybody” means just that. If you’re a teen and last read Torah at your bar or bat mitzvah – we want and need you. If you’re older, and it’s been years (or decades) since you last read – we want and need you. If you’re the adult child of a Beth El member – come on in. You’re family!

Participation will be easy. If you need a refresher course, a recording, a helping hand – we’re here, online and in person. If you’d like to learn to read – we’ll help.

We also want this to be fun and social. Choose some easy readings on a Shabbat or holiday morning for you and family or friends. Or gather a group of three to rattle off a few verses each on a Shabbat afternoon in a 20-minute Mincha service. Or arise early on a Monday and Thursday morning for a short reading and have friends/family video you or live Tweet! Not to mention the 4:45 am sunrise service on Shavuot.

After you read, place a sticker with your name on it on our poster counting up to 100. You’ll also be entered into a lottery for the chance help inscribe the new Torah the shul is writing. 

With the enthusiastic backing of the clergy and shul leaders, this initiative from Team Torah (formerly known as the Baal Korei Institute) is an integral part of our back-to-shul celebration. We look forward to your joining us to make 100 (120?) a once-in-a-lifetime reality.

We now have a TorahReaders  site!  If you are a Torah reader (seasoned or just starting out), we invite you to sign up for a Torah Readers account. If you need help with this, contact Hazzan Barbara Barnett. 

You can take a look at available Torah readings (there are always shorter readings for those who prefer) and actually see the reading as a Tikkun page in pdf form. Once your account is approved, you can sign up for readings on your own (always subject to confirmation by Hazzan Barnett).