Team Torah

Team Torah

Team Torah (formerly known as the Ba’al Korei Institute) is NSS Beth El’s Initiative to promote, encourage, and facilitate Torah reading. In 5782, we set an ambitious goal for at least 100 members of the Beth El family to read from the Torah with the Back-to-Shul Challenge: Everyone Reads Torah! A year later, we surpassed this goal with over 120 readers! In 5783, we continued to surpass last year’s numbers, as we finished the “It’s Sweet to Repeat” year with 148 adult Torah readers AND 27 kids who read in Junior Congregation!  With 3+ months more to go in 5784, as of Shavuot, we have already had 172 adult Torah readers and 35 kids who read in Junior Congregation…because, as we know, “It’s Sweet to THREE-peat!!!”

We continue to offer Torah reading classes for adults through the year, whether you need a refresher or are just starting out. Need a recording or a mentor? Just ask. Terrified to take that first step? We’ve got your back. 

Your first step is to sign up for a account.

Wherever you are on your Torah reading journey, we’re here to help!

Please reach out to Hazzan Jenna Greenberg at with any questions!!