High Holiday and Festival Holiday Information

High Holiday and Festival Holiday Information

The High Holy Days are a powerful time in our Jewish calendar set aside for spiritual renewal.  We enter this period on the Shabbat prior to Rosh Hashanah with Selichot meaning forgiveness. It refers to the solemn penitential prayers recited by prior to the onset of the High Holy Days. We traditionally gather together for study and then for services.

The ten-day period, the Days of Awe, begins with Rosh Hashanah (Literally, “Head of the year”) and culminates on Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). Our spirit during these days is marked by introspection, prayer, and repentance. It is a time of remembering mingled with a time to look ahead to the new year. It is also a time to be together as a community.

If you are not a current Beth El member, we invite you to join our NSS Beth El Family for a spiritually deep High Holiday experience.  Find out more about becoming a member here.  Let the year begin with all its blessings.

All You Need to Know About the Chagim at a Glance!

Festival Service Schedule 5784

Please join us in person or through the livestream (for livestream password contact Kathy Stinson at kstinson@nssbethel.org). 
If you’re having Livestream issues please email behhd@nssbethel.org

Children’s Festival Services
Our Preschool Family Services are at capacity but all other children’s services are still taking registrations.
Click here for more information and details.

Erev Sukkot
6:15 pm – Mincha/Ma’ariv Services
6:18 pm – Candlelighting

Sukkot – Day 1

9:00 am – Festival Service
10:30 am – Jr. Congregation
11:00 a m- Tot Sukkot
6:15 pm – Mincha Service
7:15 pm – Ma’arivService
7:17 pm – Shabbat Ends/Candlelighting

Sukkot – Day 2
9:00 am – Festival Service
10:00 am – Special CRS Sukkot Program
10:30 am – Jr. Congregation
11:00 am- Tot Sukkot
12:00 pm – Seudah in the Sukkah
6:15 pm – Mincha Service
7:15 pm – Ma’ariv Service
7:15 pm – Yom Tov Ends

Erev Shmini Atzeret
7:00 am- Hoshana Rabbah
6:00 pm- Mincha/Ma’ariv Services
6:06 pm – Candlelighting

Shmini Atzeret/Erev Simchat Torah
9:00 am – Festival Service with Yizkor
10:30 am – Jr. Congregation
11:00 am – Tot Shmini Atzeret
6:00 pm – Mincha Service
6:30 pm – Young Family Simchat Torah Celebration
7:00 pm – Ma’ariv Service/Hakafot/Simchat Torah Celebration
7:05pm – Shabbat Ends/Candlelighting

Simchat Torah
9:00 a m- Festival Service
10:00 am – Hakafot Service w/Special Honors
10:45 am – Tot Simchat Torah/Jr. Congregation
6:00 pm – Mincha Service
7:00pm – Ma’ariv Service
7:03 pm – Yom Tov Ends

Pickup dates for Schach and Lulav/Etrog sets
Pickup will be on the following days:

  • Thursday, September 28 from 3:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Friday, September 29 from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Questions? Contact Hazzan Jenna Greenberg at jgreenberg@nssbethel.org



High Holiday Tzedakah Opportunities

In the spirit of the holidays, please consider participating in our Kol Nidre Appeal and the Chesed Dues Campaign.





Download Hadar’s 5784 High Holiday Reader

“Lifnai Ve-Lifnim – The Innermost Sanctum” is now available to download in both full color and printer-friendly formats. You can also pick-up a print copy from the literature rack outside the coat room at Beth El.

Filled with essays from Hadar faculty and activities for children and families, this year’s reader will help us find inspiration and meaning in this High Holiday season, as we prepare to face ourselves, each other, and God.


Beth El Teens Sushi in the Sukkah
Tuesday, October 3
7:00 -8:00 pm, in the NSSBE Sukkah

Bring your friends for sushi, games and a great time! Open to all Jewish teens 9th-12th grade, we encourage you to register today!




Steinberg PreSchool and Young Family Programming Sukkot Celebration
Thursday, October 5
5:00 – 6:15 pm

Join your friends from Steinberg Preschool and other families with young children (ages 0-7) as we celebrate Sukkot.
We will have dinner and other snacks, Sukkot stories, and a chance to make Sukkah decorations.
The event is free but you must register!



Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot Resources

Rosh Hashanah Table Talk – click on link to open and print Rosh Hashanah at Home – click on link to open and print
  Hoshana Rabbah – click on link to open and print


Sukkot Table Talk – click on link to open and print Sukkot at Home – click on link to open and print


High Holiday Day Sermons 2023/5784

Rosh Hashanh Sermons:

Rabbi Alex Freedman | Leyl Rosh Hashanah: Alone Together 

Rabbi Michael Schwab | Rosh Hashanah 1: Chasing Inspiration

Rabbi Alex Freedman | Rosh Hashanah 1: How to Say Sorry

Rabbi Michael Schwab/Rabbi Alex Freedman | Rosh Hashanah 2:

Joint sermon: How to Deal with an Uncomfortable Jewish Text

Marla Grossberg: President’s Remarks


High Holiday Day Sermons 2021/5782