2022-23 Annual Report


A warm and joyous community where Jewish tradition meets contemporary life.


North Suburban Synagogue Beth El (NSSBE) inspires and nurtures Jewish life and community through engaging education, prayer, programming and social action.  We are a Conservative synagogue that welcomes individuals and families wherever they are ritually and spiritually, and supports them as they seek to enrich their Jewish lives. 


We bring the richness of our Jewish tradition to life.
Through a wide-range of Torah study, educational and cultural opportunities, we place our traditions in meaningful conversation with how we live in our contemporary world. 

We preserve and enhance traditions as well as encourage the observance of  mitzvot (commandments) within the context of Conservative Judaism.  

We are an egalitarian synagogue.   

We educate and celebrate our children so they continue the cultural, spiritual and ethical values of our People. 

We strive for prayer services that are engaging, inspirational, joyful, spiritual and accessible for all. 


We actively create community to build strong bonds among members.

We are a place that enhances joyous life events and comforts and supports those going through difficult times.

We model and create opportunities for doing acts of loving kindness.


We are inclusive by being spiritually approachable, physically accessible and willing to engage with anyone who seeks a greater understanding.

We respect the wisdom and legacy of past generations and value our diverse, multi-generational community.  

 We foster a non-judgmental environment.

We are dedicated to supporting individuals and families at all ages and stages of life.  

We embrace all families and individuals, regardless of their level of Jewish  knowledge, background, and beliefs, by offering formal and informal educational opportunities for learning and prayer. 

We welcome people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community through creating comfortable, safe and accessible spaces. We welcome interfaith couples and families to explore with us how Judaism and Beth El can be a part of their lives.


We listen and learn to continually improve.

All our decisions are grounded in Jewish values, Halacha (Jewish Law) and  Jewish traditions.

We are focused on satisfying the needs of our membership in order to continuously improve and fulfill our mission.  

We are committed to listening with sensitivity and respect to differing points of  view. 

We take time to be reflective and explain the “why” through open and transparent communication.  


We are dedicated to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).  

We encourage and support our members to serve worthwhile causes within our congregation, our local community, and the wider Jewish, American and worldwide communities.

We provide many opportunities and resources for social action.


We are committed to engaging with and supporting Israel.  

We are dedicated to Israel so she can thrive among the community of secure and vibrant nations of the world.

We aim to involve as many in our community as we can in meaningful  conversations and programming about Israel whether through the prism of  culture, religion or advocacy.  

We encourage and support travel to the Jewish state. 


We strive for excellence in all areas of our operation.  

We understand the importance of implementing best practices in fiscal  responsibility, board governance, staffing and operations necessary to support  and sustain a large synagogue.  

We are committed to professional development, individual accountability, organizational transparency and decision-making with knowledge of relevant  data and information. 

We have a strong collaborative partnership among lay leaders, clergy and professional staff working for the benefit of our community.  Recognizing the importance of lay leadership to our community, we are committed to identifying and developing our lay leaders as stewards of our future. 

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