Sponsoring standard Kiddush

If you have an upcoming special event such as a birthday, an anniversary, the birth of a child or grandchild, an aufruf, or any other significant occasion, you can co-sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush. To do so, please contact Kathy Stinson at or call 847-432-8981.

Sponsoring and Enhancing Kiddush

If you want to enhance the standard Kiddush, you can get in touch with our exclusive Kiddush caterer Zelda’s after completing the online form.
You can reach them at



Is this not a Kiddush? Is it a different type of event?

If you’re looking for a venue to host a wedding or other special event, please visit our Rental facilities, Dinners and parties page. In addition, we provide a list of kosher restaurants that are approved by the CRC.

Start planning your event now!