North Suburban Synagogue Beth El Sisterhood: An Award-Winning Group of Multi-Generational Women

Sisterhood is a dynamic group of women who work together to support Beth El through a variety of projects and activities. We are proud to have been a strong, supportive partner of our congregation since its inception.

We strive to bring women of our congregation together for a full calendar of events throughout each year, including:

  • A wide array of social, cultural and social action programs
  • Torah Fund Book Club, led by Rachel Kamin, Director of our Joseph and Mae Gray Cultural and Learning Center
  • A number of Torah Fund adult education classes, taught by our clergy and synagogue directors
  • Services on Sisterhood Shabbat, led by our members
  • Our annual Dinner with the Rabbi (co-sponsored with Men’s Club)

We maintain and staff our beautiful Judaica Gift Shop, send birthday and anniversary greetings to our members via our mazelmail program (formerly Leagrams) and provide opportunities to celebrate the rhythm of the annual Jewish holiday cycle with family and friends through a variety of fundraisers, all which help us support congregants in need of dues assistance as well as our beloved synagogue’s schools, youth groups, social action initiatives and Cultural and Learning Center.

We also honor our Religious School graduates, bar/bat mitzvah celebrants and newlyweds with meaningful gifts.

While upholding our traditional values and being fully respectful of our history, we are always focused on the future, and we are looking for new and returning members to help us meet the challenge of change.

Please join us!

2020-2022 SISTERHOOD BOARD                                                                                                                                         

EXECUTIVE BOARD                                                                                                                                          

President:  Karen Weiss                                                                   
Program VP: Lori Stark                                                                        
Membership VP:  Felissa Kreindler                                                           
Ways & Means (Fundraising) VP:  Merle Tovian                                                                
Gift Shop VPs:  Sulie Holt, Diane Levin & Pam Schlosberg                                
Torah Fund VP: Rolly Cohen                                                                    
Treasurer:  Sara Coven                                                                     
Parliamentarian: Pam Schlosberg                                                            
Financial Secretary: Debbie Graham                                                            
Corresponding Secretary: Ruth Fischer                                                                   
Recording Secretaries:  Marcie Pickard & Ellen Lavin                                      

MazelMail (formerly Leagrams)
 Rachel Ferber & Mary Ellen Bowers                        
Mathilde’s Mentionables  Sue Cohen                                                                      

Marcy Freeman                                                            
Linda Gottlieb                                                               
Roz Kallish                                                                      
Ramona Choos                                                              
Barbara Hochwert
Elizabeth Ury