Sisterhood Annual Rosh Hashanah Honey Fundraiser

Sisterhood is once again offering an opportunity for you to send sweet new year greetings to family and friends.  These 8 oz. jars of kosher clover honey will include a personalized greeting along with the associated blessings.   All details can be found by clicking on the links below.  Orders placed by the deadline date will receive free shipping within the U.S.  Orders placed after the deadline date will incur an additional shipping charge.  Order online HERE.  For more information or for assistance with online ordering, contact Karen Weiss at or at 847-508-9879. All funds raised through this program help Sisterhood support our congregation.

Torah Fund

Torah Fund is the dedicated philanthropy of Women’s League. Annual Torah Fund donations at a minimum level of $54 will entitle the donor to attend any or all of the year’s Torah Fund classes (including Book Club).  To make your donation, please mail your check (payable to Torah Fund) to the synagogue, adding “TORAH FUND” on the envelope.   PLEASE NOTE:  A donation to Torah Fund is separate from payment of Sisterhood membership dues.  For additional information, email our Torah Fund VP, Rolly Cohen, at

mazelmail (formerly Leagrams)                

We make it easy for you to send your personal greetings to our members on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. For $36 per year, your name will be included on all of the anniversary and birthday letters that Sisterhood sends throughout the year.  Please make your check payable to NS Beth El Sisterhood and mail it to the synagogue, noting SISTERHOOD MAZELMAIL on the envelope.  If Sisterhood doesn’t already have your date of birth, your (if applicable) wedding anniversary date – NO YEARS NECESSARY – and your email address, please enclose a note with this information so that you can receive your own greetings.  If you prefer to receive your greetings via “snail mail,” please let us know this and be sure to include your home address.

Nachas Box

If you would like to pay forward a kindness you have received or acknowledge a simcha, please consider a donation to Sisterhood’s Nachas Box. Your generosity enables Sisterhood to support all of its many philanthropic initiatives.  Please mail your check (payable to NS Beth El Sisterhood) to the synagogue and be sure to note SISTERHOOD NACHAS BOX on the envelope.

Mathilde’s Mentionables

Beth El Sisterhood, in partnership with Mathilde’s Mentionables and, is seeking new or gently used bras (all types and sizes) and new feminine hygiene products.  A drop box is located as you enter Beth El via the center doors.  Or, email Sue Cohen for a pick-up from your home. This year-round project provides services to women and growing girls, living in local shelters, who are in desperate need of these items.  Please help! Any questions? Contact Sue Cohen.

Jewel Gift Cards

  • You buy the cards at their face value.
  • These cards never expire.
  • Sisterhood makes 5% on each card and uses those funds to support various Beth El projects and programs. 

Gift cards are available in $25, $50 and $100 denominations.  If you would like to purchase gift cards (via cash or check payable to NS Beth El Sisterhood), please email Sara Coven, Sisterhood Treasurer, at