Torah Fund Campaign and Classes

Torah Fund Campaign and Classes

Torah Fund is the dedicated philanthropy of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, the “mothership” of our Sisterhood, and supports scholarships and programs in the five worldwide Conservative/Masorti institutes of higher Jewish learning. Having recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, Torah Fund has so far raised approximately $108 million. For more information about Torah Fund, click here:

In keeping with the shared mission of Torah Fund and the Sisterhood of NSS Beth El, our organization has a long history of supporting Torah Fund through the sponsorship of an impressive array of adult educational experiences. While no donation is too large or too small, a suggested minimum annual donation of $54 per person covers attendance at any or all of each year’s Torah Fund educational opportunities, all of which are open to everyone (women and men, Beth El members and non-members).

For 5784, Sisterhood anticipates partnering again with the Gertrude Lederman Continuing Education Program to sponsor ScholarStream, a series of online educational opportunities presented by the brightest and most engaging scholars of our Conservative/Masorti Movement. All lectures are recorded and accessible at any time after their original airdates to all registered participants. In addition to the official ScholarStream offerings, we hope to offer a series of in-person programs, open to our Torah Fund donors, that will augment and enhance selected lectures. Of course, our incredibly popular Sisterhood Torah Fund Book Club, facilitated by Rachel Kamin, NSSBE’s Director of Lifelong Learning, is also available to all Torah Fund donors!

Once the 5784 ScholarStream curriculum and registration link become available and you have made your minimum donation of $54 to Torah Fund, contact Mary Ellen Bowers at or Marcie Eskin at to request the access code that will allow you to access all of ScholarStream’s 5784 lectures for FREE!

Donations to Torah Fund can be made by logging on here (As there is no existing category for $54, our suggested minimum donation, you will need to enter this amount in the “other” space provided) or by mailing your check (payable to TORAH FUND) to Mary Ellen Bowers, 1092 Princeton, Highland Park, IL 60035.


Donors at the Benefactor level ($180) and above will receive the beautiful 5784 Torah Fund pin, which may also be worn as an eye-catching pendant. This year’s theme is “Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh ba’Zeh” (All the People of Israel are Responsible for One Another). Visit for information about Torah Fund’s 2023-24 Campaign.

For more information about any of our Torah Fund offerings and how you can contribute, please contact Mary Ellen Bowers, our Torah Fund VP.
Sisterhood thanks you in advance for your support of Torah Fund!

Please note that a donation to Torah Fund is separate from membership in Sisterhood. Every dollar contributed to Torah Fund is remitted directly to Torah Fund.