HAZAK: Senior Life

HAZAK: Senior Life

Our Senior Life Program, HAZAK,  for those 55 and older, is an important part of our Beth El Community. The name, HAZAK means strong and it also is an acronym. The het stands for Hokhmah (wisdom), the ziyan for Ziknah (maturity) and the kuph for Kadima (looking ahead).

The seniors at Beth El are a dynamic part of our community. We value their knowledge, respect their wisdom, appreciate their perspective and welcome their on-going commitment to our community. They participate and enjoy all that Beth El provides, from attending classes, lectures, and social programs to volunteering on committees. They make a tremendous difference.

Our HAZAK complements congregational programs and provides forward-reaching programs and services to meet the interests and needs of our seniors to continue to learn, to be active and engaged, and have fun!

Afternoon @ the Movies

The Gray Cultural & Learning Center and the HAZAK Senior Life Committee partner together to host special screenings of new Jewish interest films as part of the “Afternoon @ the Movies” series.

The events are held 4-5 times a year and are open to the community, free of charge.  Of course, popcorn and movie snacks are served!

Watch for more information soon.

Transportation Program

We don’t want you to miss anything! Members of Beth El are ready, willing and able to provide transportation to any senior member who needs a ride to Shabbat or holiday services, to programs, or classes. Please call Ana Igornov: 847-432-8900 ext. 221.  She is our first point person to arrange a ride.

If you have any questions, please contact: Mary Ellen Bowers-Goldsmith, eyerishmar@comcast.net; Madeline Solomon: madsol48@gmail.com or Sara Coven, penguinema@gmail.com

Intergenerational Shabbat – An Opportunity to Connect!

We know the value of relationships that develop between the younger and older members of our Beth El community. Because there is so much to gained from these shared experiences, we always try to provide avenues for more intergenerational connections.

Here’s an opportunity for you to consider. If you are a younger or older member of the synagogue and would like to reach out and develop an intergenerational friendship, share a Shabbat meal, or would like a place to go for the holidays, please let us know and we will make the connection!