Jack and Mildred Cohen Religious School

Jack and Mildred Cohen Religious School

Sunday School Classes

A three-hour meeting of all classes on Sunday mornings is the core of our format. Our goal is to inspire our children with the richness and beauty of Jewish history and traditions.

This format maintains the core curriculum of Hebrew, Torah, and prayer as well as Jewish holidays, customs, and history. These traditional areas of study are expanded through enrichment classes such as our six-week chug opportunities,  family Shabbat services, and small-group activities that supplement classroom instruction.

Shabbat Family Services for all our students

Tefilah (prayer life) is emphasized for all ages in the Cohen Religious School, and all students learn the prayers of the Shabbat morning service.  In addition, Hey (5th grade) and Vav (6th grade) students learn to read Torah with the special Torah trope.  Our older students lead family worship services six (6) times a year, during Junior Congregation.

Vav (6th Grade) and Zayin (7th grade) students gain important synagogue skills that will enhance their b'nai mitzvah experience.

A Choice of Weekday Classes – Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Our educational model responds to the needs of 21st century families by offering alternatives in classroom instructional time.  Children and their parents have a choice of Tuesday OR Wednesday afternoons, which allows for more flexibility with today's busy schedules. We also offer a Thursday afternoon Enrichment/Tutoring program for those students who need extra support.

This approach provides optimal opportunities for learning and community connectedness within a flexible framework. Most importantly, it maintains the high standards and strong core curriculum for which the Cohen Religious School is known.

Teaching with current technology is important to us!

We use iRovers, iPads, Apple TVs, and Smartboards to meet the needs of teachers and students alike by creating a unique technological and traditional learning environment.

This technology, due to a generous donation, enhances our students' learning experience as new technology blends with our ancient traditions.