North Suburban Synagogue Beth El


Registration for the 5778/2017-2018 school year is NOW OPEN!  North Suburban Synagogue Beth El has premier schools as well as an engaging youth program. Register your child(ren) today!

Click here to access online registration.

Our Upcoming School Year – for 5778/2017-2018

For the 5778/2017-2018 school year, current CRS students -Ganon (pre-K) through Gesher (7th grade) – have been automatically registered for the next school year. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER. However, if your information has changed, or if you are adding an additional child to the school, you will need to let us know! If you are NEW TO THE SCHOOL, or if any information has changed, please go to your Member’s Log-in (click here to access) and register your child(ren) for the proper school year.

If you need your login ID and/or password, please contact Kathy Stinson at 847-432-8900 x229 or

If you have any questions, please contact Alicia Gejman in the school office at 847-432-8900 x227 OR Rayna Forman at 847-432-8924 or before submitting your online registration.

We look forward to welcoming your child(ren)!

Did you know???

Our Youth group for Kindergarten through 1st grade is a great entré into the youth group experience in BEANS! (Beth El at North Suburban Synagogue’s youth groups)  Our staff work hard to make sure we have great family programming as well as age-appropriate holiday activities and general youth group fun!

You can sign up for M&M Club along with the Cohen Religious School or by itself.  All children enrolled in the Cohen Religious School and Beth El members who have children at a Jewish Day School (Schechter, Hillel Torah) are automatically members of their Youth Group! To sign up, please contact Tovah Goodman, Youth Community Director, at Be sure to check out our page and learn more!