North Suburban Synagogue Beth El
College Connection Registration Form

College Connection Registration Form

  • NSS Beth El Sisterhood College Connection is designed to keep in touch with our college students. Our program for the 2017-2018 school year will include incredible holiday packages, and emails about opportunities for Jewish college students. There is no charge, but in order to sign up you must fill out and submit the form below. Please fill out this form (one for each student) no later than Friday, September 2nd, 2016 in order to receive the Fall Holiday box. However, you can fill out this form at any time during the year to enroll in the program.

    Remember, even if all of your information is the same as last year, you must fill out a new form each year! You will need your school calendar to fill out this form correctly.

  • Please list your start date in the format i.e. "September 17"
  • Check your school calendar- please list the dates starting the first day you're off, even if it's a weekend. So if there's no school starting on Wednesday December 19 and classes start again on Monday January 7, then list as 12/19-1/7
  • These questions help us figure out when to send boxes to you. Read the instructions for winter break, and list the dates for your school, not YOU personally. The format is 3/8-3/18.... That example assumes that you have classes until and including Friday March 8 and classes resume on Monday March 18.
  • We would love specific feedback about which elements you liked and didn't like in last year's boxes.