Please Support Our Lox Box Fundraiser! Orders due by December 2nd.

Support Men’s Club by ordering a Lox Box for family or friends. The box is filled with breakfast that serves 4-6 people and includes bagels, cream cheese, lox, tomato, fruit, juice, dessert, and other goodies. Deliveries will take place on Sunday, December 8th.  OR  order a Hunger Lox Box to support the shul and Maot Chitim. When you order a Hunger Lox Box, we do not deliver you a box. Instead, we split the donation between the shul and Maot Chitim to help stamp out hunger!OR order both a Lox Box and a Hunger Lox Box. 

Click here to order a Lox Box.

Please consider these donations:

Bagels for Your Brains Supporter: $54
Program Underwriter: $72
Shabbat Scotch Supporter: $136
Benefactor: $180
Lifetime Membership: $720

If you are considering ongoing or estate gifts, please contact our Men’s Club President, Dan Gross