Reading Assignments & Records

Reading Assignments & Records

Torah reading assignments to Institute members for Shabbat mornings are made by the Institute’s Kriah (records) Coordinator, a lay volunteer. Each member of the Institute receives a regular e-mail with the list of available readings at that member’s reading level. To schedule a reading, a member sends a reply e-mail to the Kriah Coordinator, who then makes the formal assignment. Assignments are generally available three months in advance of the reading date.

New readers are initially expected to work with a mentor to help them prepare readings (the Ba’al Korei Institute will provide the mentor) and to have the Ritual Director check their readings ahead of time to make sure they are well prepared. As a member’s skills develop, he or she will be offered longer readings and will eventually be able to prepare and read independently.

Torah reading assignments for holiday mornings, for weekday mornings and for Shabbat afternoons are made by the Ritual Director. High Holiday Torah reading assignments and Megilat Esther reading assignments are made by the Hazzan. Any member wishing to take one of those readings, or any member wishing to schedule a Torah reading for a special occasion, should contact the appropriate person for an assignment.

All current reading assignments to Institute members are listed on the last page of these web pages. Members will always be able to confirm their assignments by checking that official listing.

The Institute’s chair person, a lay volunteer, keeps a record of each member’s reading and awards history.