If you did not receive your High Holiday ticket with the members-only web address to access services, please call Kathy Stinson in the synagogue office at 847-432-8981 or email kstinson@nssbethel.org


Beth El Members Only Virtual High Holidays

Beth El Members Only Virtual High Holidays

We will be using Zoom for all of the High Holiday Services.  Should Zoom experience problems during the service, please come back to this page and click on Vimeo.  Should you experience any problems logging on, please contact Kathy Stinson at 847-432-8981.

Please note that the Zoom and Vimeo links will not be live until at least 15 – 30 minutes prior to the services.  Once we go live, the Zoom landing page will show the live video feed. 

If you do not have a Zoom account or have not logged on to Zoom from a particular device, you will be asked to enter your Name and Email the first time you connect. This is a Zoom function which cannot be disabled. As Sunday Mincha and Ma’ariv services will only be available via Zoom, we ask you to try to connect and enter this information before Yom Tov begins, and to click the box so Zoom remembers your device in the future.

Join our Livestream Services on Zoom**  

Join our Livestream Services on Vimeo

**Note that Mincha (4:00 pm) and Ma’ariv (7:30 pm) services on Sunday, September 20 will only be available via Zoom (above).  All other High Holy Day services are available via both Zoom and Vimeo.  If you use Vimeo please note there is a 30 second delay.

Tips to stream to your television

For children ages 0-7:  New Shirat Haruach video prayer services are pre-recorded and led by star Jewish musicians Rick Recht, Shira Kline, and Rabbi Josh Warshawsky. They will feature upbeat, fun music and inspiring, family-friendly content. The videos will include insightful messages from NSSBE clergy and staff. The service is 40 minutes followed by a special 15 minute section for kids ages 0-3, available to watch at your convenience:  


Yom Kippur service – link available starting 9/22 at 4:00 pm

For children in grades 2-6:

Hazzan Barbara Barnett and our Director of Youth Engagement, Sarah Attermann, will lead a fun, livestreamed family service on Zoom. 

Rosh HaShanah service – 11:00 am (both days on Zoom)
Yom Kippur service – 11:30 am (Zoom)


Meeting ID:  847 302 0895

Password: nssbethel

High Holiday Service Schedule

Friday, September 18  – Erev Rosh Hashanah  
Mincha/KS/Ma’ariv services 6:30 pm
Candle lighting 6:36 pm

Saturday September 19 – Rosh Hashanah Day 1  
Shaharit service 9:00 am
Zoom Jr. Congregation 11:00 am  
Kids service (ages 0-8) streaming in advance  
Mincha service 6:30 pm
Ma’ariv service 7:15 pm
Candle lighting 7:35 pm 

Sunday, September 20 – Rosh Hashanah Day 2  
Shaharit service 9:00 am
Zoom Jr. Congregation 11:00 am 
Kids service (ages 0-8) streaming in advance  
Shofar/Tashlich 4:00 pm (only via Zoom)
Ma’ariv services 7:30 pm (only via Zoom)
Yom Tov ends 7:32 pm

Sunday September 27 – Kol Nidre/Erev Yom Kippur  
Mincha service 6:00 pm 
Kol Nidre service 6:15 pm
Candle lighting 6:20 pm  

Monday, September 28 – Yom Kippur/Yizkor  
Shaharit service 9:30 am
Zoom Jr. Congregation 11:30 am  
Kids service (ages 0-8) streaming in advance  
Mincha service 4:45 pm
President’s remarks 6:00 pm
Neilah 6:10 pm
Yom Tov ends 7:19 pm