Mitzvah613 Culmination Event

Mitzvah613 Culmination Event

Our Mitzvah613 Culmination Event was a tremendous success!
On Sunday, May 21st, we had nearly 500 guests witness the writing of the last letter in our new Torah
by our Sofer – Rabbi Moshe Druin. Together, we prayed, danced and sang with joy! It was an amazing sight to see our
community accompany the Torah to the Aron Kodesh, its new home!

We proudly present our Ad Book and Donor List. Because of our caring and committed community,
we were able to raise 1.5 million dollars which will go toward the building of a new school wing
at Beth El. Please view our new Ad book, which recognizes and honors our generous donors.

Mitzvah613, Writing a Torah Together!
A special tribute to our Beth El members and
donors (click below).

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