My Family Story 2023

Posted on March 2, 2023

Each year, students in the Vav Class of the Cohen Religious School, participate in the My Family Story Project. Students are asked to create a three dimensional display or media presentation that connects them to their personal stories, to their family stories, and to the greater story of the Jewish People. Students get very creative in the ways they chose to present this information.

Our own competition took place Sunday, February 26. This year’s winners are Micah Natenshon and Rebekah Nemirow. Their work will be submitted for the next level of competition at the Anu Museum’s Manuel Hirsch Grosskopf International Competition. If one of the student’s work is chosen, they are flown to Israel to participate in the exhibit with their work and that of other students all over the world! Beth El has had several students over the years earn this coveted prize! (Click here to read winner’s press release).

The entire NSS Beth El community celebrates our creative students and all of their projects.