Chugim at Beth El

Posted on March 6, 2019

The chugim are a series of group activities designed to complement and personalize the students’ educational experience in an area of his/her choosing. Classes are held for one hour after religious school, for a 6-week period.

This year, the chugim offered included:

  • Jewish Celebrations (taught by Maayan Shtal) – Students discovered the Jewish holidays through cooking, a hands-on, in-the-kitchen celebration of different holiday foods. 
  •  Crafting the Light (taught by Hazzan Barbara Barnett and Stacy Daybook) – Students created fun craft projects that explored the importance of light in Jewish life, including Havdalah candles and kiddish cups.
  •  Jewish Sayings with a Lot of Fun (taught by Chuck Kahalnik) – Students explored the Sayings of the Fathers in different parts of the building, with a little Talmud Trivia thrown in!

At the end of the 6-weeks, parents were invited to visit – to share and view their children’s projects.

“So amazing tonight! Thank you,” one parent wrote after attending the Parent Presentation. Several other students had so much fun in their first chug that they asked if they could do another chug during the second session!

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