Pre-School Trip to Israel

Posted on April 19, 2018

At 9:00 this morning, after having their passports stamped, our Steinberg Preschoolers boarded an El Al airlines flight to Tel Aviv! Carefully following safety instructions, they landed at about 9:20, and headed off to destinations throughout Eretz Israel. They visited a vineyard in Rishon L’tzion, where they learned about products that come from grapes! Fun activities included stomping grapes, carrying grapes across the room on a spoon, and a tasting room where they sampled grape juice, grape jelly and grapes! They visited the Negev where they rode camels, sat in a Bedouin tent, and played in the sand. There was a trip to Eilat, where tropical fish from the sea swam all around them! Just to make sure they could appreciate the incredible history of ancient Israel, students had a chance to build walls with bricks, legos and other materials. In Tel Aviv, the children decorated the walls of the city as “street art” and made jewelry. And finally, after working up an appetite, our travelers were able to sample traditional falafel just as it might appear from a cart on the streets of Jerusalem. Thank you to each and every teacher in the Steinberg Pre-School along with our parent auxiliary team that helped create this unforgettable travel experience for our pre-school children!

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