Pre-School Seders

Posted on March 21, 2018

The Steinberg Pre-School held two consecutive Seders on Tuesday and Wednesday for our 3-4 year-olds followed by our 2 year olds. Students, their parents, and grandparents were all invited to participate in a short Seder where they read and sang songs from the haggadot, tasted the traditional food of Passover, and danced together as we all hope to celebrate next year in Jerusalem! Each table in the room was adorned with special Pesach symbols created by the students, which included Elijah’s cup, decorated plates, flower centerpieces and Miriam’s tambourine.  The Seder even included a hunt for afikomen, which was found by Mrs. Katz and Mrs. Zacharias.  A special thank you to the Paul S. & Sylvia Steinberg Parent Auxiliary  who worked hard to make these special Seders come together. We wish you all a wonderful and meaningful Pesach!

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