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Volunteer at NSSBE

Volunteer at NSSBE

Volunteer for one of our many committees, participate in a task force, help us with programming, or join one of our affiliate groups.

We welcome your involvement and your talent, whether for an hour a week, once a month, one project a year, or as much time as you choose! Please read through the opportunities below and see what interests you. Fill out the contact information, check off what you are interested in, and someone from our membership team will get in touch with you.


  • This committee reviews and directs all communications to keep each member of the Beth El community informed about synagogue activities, with the goal of providing timely information to Beth El’s membership and to the general public. Writers, proofers, marketers and PR professionals welcome!
  • This committee stewards all fundraising activities. Funds raised through Development enable us to support Beth El’s mission and vision today and provide a legacy for future generations and to the general public.
  • This committee is looking for members with a background in interior design, construction, architecture, and/or security to ensure that Beth El remains a beautiful, safe place to worship, learn and socialize.
  • This committee oversees the formal review of Beth El’s finances and works with staff and lay leadership to prepare the annual budget.
  • This committee plans and coordinates adult education programs throughout the year for our Beth El Community.
  • This committee is committed to accessibility and disability inclusion throughout our building, worship services, and programs and works to ensure that all people have equal access and equal opportunity.
  • This committee provides the community with Jewish educational and cultural resources through the Maxwell Abbell Library and plans programming and cultural opportunities throughout the year. The committee is also responsible for the Rissman Kol Ami Collection/Museum.
  • This task force considers and works toward creating an awareness of LGBTQ issues within a Jewish framework and promoting greater inclusiveness for the LGBTQ community.
  • This committee formulates and implements plans to engage and retain members and attract new members to our Beth El Community, through outreach, programming, and activities.
  • The Men’s Club is an affiliate organization that provides programs, educational opportunities, and social events throughout the Jewish year. They also sponsor social action projects for the greater Chicago Jewish community.
  • Join one of our programming committees and help organize such events as Shabbat dinner planning, music programs, or helping others by providing transportation or visiting the sick in the hospital.
  • This committee oversees member participation in the ritual activities and services of Beth El.
  • This committee provides members of our Beth El community opportunities to work together to perform meaningful mitzvot that benefit both our Jewish community and the larger community around us. Join the committee or consider one of the activities below.
  • Sisterhood is an affiliate organization that engages, enriches, and empowers the women of our congregation. It helps members to understand and perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism in the home, synagogue, and community, and reinforces their bonds with Israel and with Jews worldwide. Sisterhood also supports Beth El through a variety of projects and activities.
  • The Youth Commission helps support and run programs and events for four youth groups for those in grades K-12. These programs educate youth about Judaism and Jewish identity in an informal environment.
  • This group is for families with children in 1st grade and younger, helping them to celebrate holidays, learn about parenting trends, and connect to both a peer community and our larger synagogue community.