Installation of Rabbi Michael Schwab

Installation of Rabbi Michael Schwab

Complete installation video
Watch the Video Hugs from Congregants and past presidents.


Dear Friends

We hope you enjoy perusing this Celebratory Ad Book on behalf of the Installation of Rabbi Michael Schwab. Although the event became virtual, it came together in a very meaningful and beautiful way as we officially ushered in Rabbi Schwab as the Senior Rabbi of North Suburban Synagogue Beth El.

We wish to thank the Co-Chairs, Honorary Co-Chairs and Committee for their guidance and partnership in this event. We also thank the many elected officials and Jewish organizations who shared their support for this incredible milestone in the life of our congregation.

We are grateful to the many sponsors and advertisers for their generous contributions as well as our annual donors, many of whom stepped up their annual membership commitments on behalf of this occasion.

As you consider your choices for local vendors, we hope you choose to support the local businesses who are listed in this Ad Book. Their support of Beth El throughout the years is very much appreciated.

If you have any questions or want information on supporting our annual fundraising efforts, please contact Judy Berkeley, Membership & Development Director, at or 312-720-0045.

Stay safe and well!
Kim Ephraim, VP Fundraising & Development



Nina & Arnie Harris
Beth & Jeff Kopin
Erica & Zachary Lindon
Danielle & Jonathan Pearl

Honorary Co-Chairs

Gail & Andrew Brown
Nancy & Maury Fertig
Lisa & Jeff Rosenkranz
Lynn & Skip Schrayer

Installation Committee:

Wendy & Steve Abrams
Leslie & Greg Apter
Lisa & Jeff Aronin
Cheryl & Ted Banks
Jacqueline & Harvey Barnett
Nancy & Richard Becker
Yael Mirelman & Pere Berkowitz
Eve & Richard Biller
Simone & David Bloom
Barbara & Jack Blumberg
Annette & Jerry Blumberg
JoAnne Blumberg
Leah & Jori Brajer
Iris & Bobby Center
Jan & Brian Channon
Cheryl & Carey Cooper
Sara & Steve Coven
Adrienne Eckerling
Francine & David Ephraim
Kim & Eric Ephraim
Barbara & Larry Field
Ruth Fischer
Rochelle & Len Foxman
Elise & Ira Frost
Nina & Mark Gaines
Amy & Mark Gerstein
Ellen & Philip Glass
Eileen & Ronald Goldberg
Stephanie & Jordan Goldstein
Mindy & Jeff Gordon
Marilyn Hirsch & Gary Gordon
Hilary & Allan Greenberg
Lori & Dan Gross
Janice & Steve Hefter
Scott & Gwen Heyman
Barbara & Stuart Hochwert
Helene & Herb Isaacs
Marjorie & Jeffrey Jacobs
Rebecca & Brian Jacobson
Ellen & Harvey Jacobson
Jan Gaines & Andrew Kenoe
Karen & Mitchell Kopin
Julie & Coby Kraff
Linda & Stuart Kupfer
Dawn & Steve Lavin
Pearl & Joel Kagan
Sandi Kaplan
Karen & Michael Kesner

Installation Committee


Roberta & Jeffrey Kwall
Barbara & David Lansing
Jane & Scott Lederman
Andrea & Ben Leshem
Marcie & Ken Levin
Ms. Gigi Cohen & Mr. Michael Levin
Arielle & Victor Levitan
Jackie & Michael Melinger
Michelle Gooze-Miller & Adam Miller
Allison & Adam Nemirow
Heidi & Shayle Patzik
Marcie & Brad Pickard
Renee Solomon & Jay Prstowsky
Nicole & Steve Putzel
Lori & Richard Rabinowitz
Holly & Jonathan Reinsdorf
Ronit & Daniel Ripes
Amy Zisook & David Rosen
Debbi & Ira Rosenberg
Ruth & Lion Rosenbloom
Rachel & Alan Russo
Irene & Gary Savine
Rocky & Earl Rubinoff
Andrea & Kenneth Saffir
Pamela & Richard Schlosberg
Julie Dann Schneider & Brad Schneider
Dawn Sidney & Gordon Schwartz
Fran and Steve Shapiro
Timna & Steve Sheffey
Sara &Marvin Siegel
Susan & Lawrence Silberman
Marilyn & Rodney Slutzky
Jenna & David Smiley
Judy & Michael Smith
Miriam & Mort Steinberg
Sandy Starkman & Larry Pachter
Yvette & David Stone
Bobbie & Len Tenner
Howard Turner
Diane & Loren Weil
Roberta & Richard Wexler
Debbie & Adam Winick
Jennifer & Michael Wirth
Jacqueline & David Wolle
Lesley & Jeremy Wynes
Amy & Jonathan Yaffe
Judy Hirsch Zelin & Richard Zelin

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