“I just wanted to let you know that [my son] thought the chug was awesome last night.  He said the group of boys, teacher and crystal project were all great!” – CRS Parent

What is Chugim (After-School Enrichment) and What Do You Mean By It?

Chugim (plural of chug/After-School Enrichment) means group activities.

Our CRS’s core curriculum is strong; however, our parents wanted enrichment activities that would enhance the curriculum, something to increase their child’s enthusiasm about being a part of CRS. This is what chugim/After-School Enrichment provide. The chugim are a series of group activities designed to complement and personalize the students’ educational experience in an area of his/her choosing.

The Chugim sessions for this year will run for 6 weeks, and will be from 6-7 p.m., with students having a choice of Tuesday evening, or Wednesday evening (after regular CRS classes).  Dinner will be served.

Dates for the Chugim sessions, as well as Topics/Activities, are TBD.