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Beth El’s Havurot – A Great Way To Get More Out of Your Membership

Beth El members new and continuing can get more out of their membership by making connections with each other through the Membership Committee’s Havurah Program.

Don’t be shy to ask – what does Havurah mean? There are many people who have the same question!

The word comes from the Hebrew “ha-ver” which means friend. A Havurah is a group of friends or a community that forms within or, sometimes, outside of a synagogue.  Havurot (plural form!) can be built around common interests or values, the ages of the members or stage of life.

Some of Beth El’s Havurot have been meeting regularly for as many as thirty years, while others are just getting started and looking for new members!

Joining a Havurah can offer you, and your family, a way to develop closer personal ties with other members of the larger NSS Beth El community.  Programming can range from Shabbat dinners, to attending synagogue events together, to just some time to hang out.  It’s up to each Havurah to choose what they want to do. Experiences you have as part of your Havurah can enrich your life and the life of your family for years to come.

So how do you get started?

The Havurah sub-committee is actively matching people to groups.  Send an email to to express your interest – it’s that easy! Please make sure to provide your contact information, your interests and the ages of you and your family members. We’ll take it from there!