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Our Worship Services

We invite you to join our Beth El Family as we come together to celebrate and share our Jewish faith and heritage.

We celebrate Shabbat and all Major and Minor Festivals in a meaningful way that encourages family participation. In addition, we hold daily services every morning and evening, every day of the year.  Through these services, generally led by congregants, we provide a supportive community to those who wish to fulfill the mitzvah of daily prayer and to those saying Kaddish or observing a Yahrzeit.


Our clergy are deeply committed to the members of our Beth El Community and to serving the spiritual and religious needs of our congregants on a daily basis. They ensure our Beth El community receives support in times of celebration as well as counseling and comfort in challenging times.

Our Ritual Standards and Practices
We are a congregation of more than 1000 families. As a member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, we are affiliated with the Conservative Movement and follow the ritual practices that are consistent with Conservative Halacha (Jewish law) and standards.

These practices are based on our understanding of the conceptual framework of Conservative Judaism and
the decisions of the Rabbinical Assembly Committee on Jewish Law and Standards as well as our  
appreciation of the particular traditions and history of our own synagogue. Over the past twenty years,
these adopted standards were reviewed, re-evaluated, and revised by members of the Ritual Committee along with our Rabbis and Hazzan.

These standards include our practices for all synagogue rituals and for every life-cycle event. As synagogue members, we are all participants in ritual practices, and we all will participate in one or more of the life-cycle events either as individuals or as a family unit.  Therefore, we present this summary of Beth El's ritual standards and practices in an effort to encourage full understanding of and appreciation for our interpretation of Halacha and standards.

NSS Beth El Ritual Standards and Practices