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The mission of the Continuing Education Committee, CEC, of North Suburban Synagogue Beth El, is to promote a superior adult Jewish educational experience for our community.  We support intellectual and spiritual growth as part of our Jewish heritage.  We commit to lifelong Jewish learning for its own sake, Torah lishma, and because we believe that learning will lead to increased adherence to mitzvot.

CEC’s synergy of classes and programs, built upon the core values of the Conservative movement, respond to the broad spectrum of interests and abilities within our synagogue community.  Incorporating leading edge educational techniques, CEC seeks to advance Judaic knowledge, enhance understanding and observance of Jewish rituals, improve Hebrew literacy, and increase awareness of issues affecting Israel and the broader Jewish world.  

For more information, contact Ali Drumm, Director of Informal Education (847-432-8126), or Marcie Eskin, Informal Education Coordinator (847-926-7903).

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